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is a procedure, that uses a patented machine, developed in France,  that uses massage and suction to reduce the appearance of cellulite in both men and women.

wpe1.jpg (16412 bytes)Cellulite is the soft, dimpled fat that appears under the skin of most women, on the buttocks, hips and upper thighs and on men primarily in the abdominal region.  Cellulite formation has little to do with the weight or the fitness level of the patient.  Women and men that are very fit can suffer from cellulite disposition due to genetic or hormonal factors.  Many of our patients have little fat anywhere on their body's with the exception of stubborn cellulite.  

Cellulite can effect many aspects of a persons life.  In a society that stresses the beauty of a fit healthy body, cellulite effects our choices in clothing, recreation and even in our sex lives.  I have many patients that would not appear in public in shorts or a swimsuit before they began Endermologie® and others that found it difficult to be intimate with their significant other or to seek out an intimate relationship due to cellulite.

This is your opportunity to do something for yourself that will increase your self-esteem, that is safe, effective and even feels good, for a few dollars more than you would spend on a basic massage!  

As you read on through these pages, you will find that Endermologie® is not a weight loss fad but in fact a procedure that assists your body in disposing of and resurfacing stubborn areas of fat. 

did you know?

Endermologie® is FDA Approved For The Treatment of Burns!

Endermologie® is FDA Approved For The Treatment of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness



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